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Ran LevitzkyRan Levitzky joined Carmel in 2015, bringing with him over a decade of experience in strategy, product management, and R&D in both large corporations and startups across Israel, the UK, and the USA.
Noya LizorNoya is Director of Content at Viola Group and Managing Editor of Viola-Notes.com
Ronen NirRonen Joined Carmel Ventures in February 2008 and currently serves as a General Partner. Ronen investment areas focus on SaaS, big data, cyber security and internet and he is currently a board member in
Alon WeinbergAlon joined Carmel in 2015 and has over 10 years of experience in product marketing, business development and international sales.
Daniel CohenDaniel Cohen joined Carmel Ventures in mid-2013 as a General Partner, with more than 11 years of VC experience. Daniel investment interests include digital media and consumer internet. He currently serves on the board of Tapingo, LuckyFish and PlayBuzz.
Amit AshkenaziAmit is a Principal at Viola Growth. He is a Certified Public Accountant in Israel. Prior to joining to Viola, Amit worked as a senior consultant at Ernst & Young
Ori BendoriOri Bendori has been a General Partner at Carmel Ventures since 2004 and focuses primarily on investments in the areas of Communications, Infrastructure, Semiconductors and Energy.
Ofer BrandesWith over 35 years of experience in software engineering, Ofer Brandes has a strong background in technology. Ofer has worked with Carmel’s founding Partners in various capacities for the past 15 years, and is involved in the technological evaluation aspects of the due diligence process
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Guest Contributors

Assaf GueryAssaf Guery is a design consultancy executive with over 20 years of experience helping global hi-tech leaders and startups solve their most pressing branding challenges.
Tomer Bar-ZeevTomer Bar-Zeev is the Co-founder and CEO of ironSource, a global technology powerhouse connecting users and apps across devices and platforms.
Roy KliegerRoy Klieger is a seasoned product expert with vast experience in mobile and Internet apps & services.
Ori LahavOri Lahav is Co-Founder and General Manager, Israel at Outbrain. Ori oversees the company's R&D center located in Israel.
Einav LavivEinav Laviv is a full-stack startup marketing expert and the Co-founder of G2Mteam.
Elad ManishvizElad is CMO at RR Media. He has over 15 years of experience and business leadership in the digital media, video, entertainment and advertising industries.
Shiri GrosbardShiri is Co-founder and VP Marketing at Join - Digital Talent Agency.
Moran BarneaMoran is the co-founder of No CMO, which provides online marketing strategies for founders and companies without a CMO.
Saar BrodskySaar Brodsky is the co-founder and VP Creative of Atreo, a technology marketing agency that focuses exclusively on hi-tech, strategic B2B marketing.
Carmel YoeliCarmel Yoeli is the co-founder and CEO of Atreo, a technology marketing agency that focuses exclusively on hi-tech, strategic B2B marketing.
Pamela BeckerPamela is the VP Global Marketing at Matomy. She previously held senior marketing positions at Carmel Ventures portfolio companies ironSource and MyThings.
John LoGiocoJohn LoGioco is President & Chief Operating Officer at Phrasetech. Prior to joining Phrasetech, John was Executive Vice President and member of the founding team at Outbrain.
Jonny SteelAs VP Marketing, Jonny spreads the word about Payoneer empowering global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, countries and currencies with its innovative cross-border payments platform.
Maya PizovMaya joined enSilo as VP Business Development in April 2015. Prior to that she was a Principal at Carmel Ventures from 2012 - 2015. She has over 7 years of experience in product management, program and account management from leading tech firms and the Israeli Ministry of Defense.
Danna ZakaiDanna Zakai is an Inside Sales Trainer, who specializes in the B2B global market.
Irit KahanIrit covers Israel-related investments for Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners.
David SchapiroDavid Schapiro is a visionary and seasoned executive with over 30 years’ experience in business management and product leadership in global SaaS and enterprise software companies.
Jonathan NimrodiJonathan is CEO and Head of Inbound Marketing at Cookie Jar, a growth hacking firm specializing in funnel optimization, CRO & social media management, marketing, advertising and measurement.
Eitan ChitayatEitan is the founder of the global natie agency whose heart is in Tel Aviv. A creative director, copywriter and brand-builder, Eitan's has been delivering marketing campaigns for international clients for over 15 years.
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What’s your startup’s TAM (Total Addressable Market)? A practical guide to crunching the numbers

August 17, 2016
One of the most important considerations for anyone launching a new startup is their potential market size, since it will have a d... MORE
world at his feet

Corporate vs Startup Marketing: Why Startups need to hire Michelle over Uncle David if they want to succeed

August 08, 2016
The following is a guest post by full-stack startup marketing expert and Co-founder of G2Mteam, Einav Laviv. I have been a mark... MORE
Uncle David vs Michelle

6 elements of a well-crafted sales pitch

August 07, 2016
The following is a guest post by Inside Sales Trainer, Danna Zakai. Sales is such a rich and exciting profession these days, es... MORE
How to perfect your sales pitch

[VIDEO] Daniel Cohen chats with DSP Group’s Daniel Amir on all-things Semiconductors

July 31, 2016
It's kind of funny that I'm writing today about Semiconductors. After all, I am the “consumer guy” at Carmel, and I haven’t ... MORE
Daniel Cohen (Carmel Ventures) interviewing Daniel Amir (DSP Group)

Viola Group survey reaffirms that Cybersecurity is a crucial investment for startups

July 26, 2016
Earlier this month we hosted another Viola CTO Forum session, this time on Cybersecurity. Our guest speakers included Itay Yanovsk... MORE
cybersecurity protection

Why it’s crucial to train first-time Team Leaders (and why it can really pay off in the long run)

June 26, 2016
On the very first day of a brand new job, employees begin a training process designed to teach them about the company and its prod... MORE
Why it’s crucial to train first-time team leaders

8 Tips that ANYONE can use to boost their Salesmanship

June 23, 2016
The following is a guest post by Inside Sales Trainer, Danna Zakai. It’s no secret that Sales comes more naturally to some th... MORE
8 Tips that anyone can use to boost their Salesmanship

What Israeli startups need to know about relocating staff across the sea

June 20, 2016
Since the early days of Israeli tech, the relocation of executives and employees has been key to the success of any company. In fa... MORE
Relocation, Relocation, Relocation: What Israeli startups need to know about relocating staff across the sea

10 Tips for growing startups on acquiring their first (or their next) company

June 09, 2016
The following is a guest post by John LoGioco, President & Chief Operating Officer of Phrasetech. Acquisitions are importan... MORE
10 Tips for growing startups when acquiring their first (or their next) company

How to build a category-leading FinTech company: 10 Insights from a FinTech veteran

May 31, 2016
The following is a guest post by David Schapiro, CEO of Earnix. As someone who has been living and breathing FinTech for the pa... MORE
FinTech Success - Viola Notes

6 questions YOU should be prepared to answer when interviewing a CMO for your startup

May 11, 2016
The following is a guest post by Moran Barnea, Co-founder of No CMO. CMOs often play a major role in a young startup’s evol... MORE
6 Questions every CMO should ask when interviewing for a job at a startup

Why your website needs a compelling hero message and how to create one that doesn’t suck (with 30 great examples!)

April 29, 2016
The idea that every entrepreneur should have a well-rehearsed elevator pitch was once considered a “must”, so that should they... MORE
Why your website’s hero message need to be compelling and how to create one that doesn’t suck
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